How to Keep Dogs From Eating Poop

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A dog that eats the fecal matter of their own or of another animal is not uncommon, but it also isn't something you have to allow. Train your dog to stop eating poop with help from a dog training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Victoria Warfel from DreamDogz Training located in Gainesville, Florida, and we are going to go over how to get your dog to stop eating poo. If your dog is eating cat poo, the easiest thing to do is to move your cat to a little box with a cover on top and scoop our the litter frequently. You may have to block access to the littler box, turn the opening so it's up towards the corner or put them in a room that the dog can't get into. If your dog's eating dog poo, the easiest thing to do is to clean up immediately after your dog goes. You can also use an additive in their food, such as canned pumpkin. Not pumpkin pie filling, just pumpkin, two to four tablespoons or you can feed your dog chunks of pineapple. A couple of chunks, and that should make it so that the poo doesn't taste as good. You can also try increasing the quality of the Kibble. Sometimes, if the dogs aren't getting enough nutrients, they want to eat it when it comes out because it tastes real similar to what it tasted when it went in. Thanks a lot.


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