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You can use daily Pilates exercises such as the Pilates One Hundred, heel lifts and leg raises to keep yourself in top condition. Learn an easy daily workout in this free video on Pilates technique.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you daily Pilates exercises that you can do to help you get yourself in ship shape. We're going to start off doing 100 where you roll back and you bring your arms out. You can lift your legs and you exhale, slowly as you slowly pan down, as you slowly pulse down, breathe, exhaling slowly as you pulse. Keep your head very still, neck very long, head is still. You don't want your head moving around. Chin is kind of in your chest. You're looking into your belly button. This will warm up your abdominals in the beginning. Then you bring your feet down and lay down flat. Bring your head down so your neck is stretched out, and then lift up your pelvis. Nice back stretch there. You can do some heel lifts that will help tighten up your buttocks and also your hamstrings, a lot of these. As many reps as you can do with your heels coming up and then your toes. Then, you can roll down if it starts to hurt your back, pressing your lower back into the mat. Then you roll on your side and you want to work your obliques. Exhale as you squeeze, inhale as you come down, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, working the sides, very good for the abdominals and getting those cuts that you want. Then you can add a leg, stretch out a leg, bring a knee and elbow in together, exhale, then open up and inhale, bring it in, exhale, open up, inhale, bring it in, exhale. Then start to use doubles and then make it even harder and then you double tap, tap, look in towards your knee, exhale then down towards your bottom elbow, inhale, exhale and inhale, and exhale and inhale and then feel free to stretch it out and have your arm and leg come in and open, up and open and then of course, you can double it and double tap, tap and bring it up, up and open up, nice stretch, exhaling and inhaling. Then you can put your hand right in front and help you even hold onto your stability a little bit more, your bottom leg of course, should be bent, that will help you like a tripod. Bring your knee in, squeezing your abdominals, stretch your leg back and tap down, bring your knee in, stretch your leg back and tap down, bring your knee in, stretch your leg back and tap down, bring your knees back together, roll onto your back and go back into the 100 again, like you started, and then after you've done the 100 move to the other side. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me again as we work some daily Pilates exercises into your workout that you can do every day.


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