How to Sculpt the Buns and Thighs With Winsor Pilates

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In Winsor Pilates you make circles with an elevated leg to sculpt your buns and thighs. Learn basic and modified Winsor exercises in this free video on Pilates technique.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you how you can use Winsor Pilates to sculpt your thighs and buns. So, let's slide on down. We're going to stretch out with our arm either stretched out, with our head on the arm or we can put our head in our hand. Our leg is going to be stretched up a little bit on top and stretched straight. The bottom leg is bent and that's going to help you balance. Your arm in front will also help you balance. Now Winsor Pilates uses circling, circling helps tighten up the thighs and the buttocks all the way around. You can do it slow and then start to move a little bit quicker, inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Then as you work up the reps, start to open up a little bit bigger and maybe slow it down. If it gets a little too easy, you can modify it. You can actually come up onto your elbow or onto both hands. Now, when you circle, you can do a push-up. Pull back as your leg comes forward, come down as your leg comes back, circle, and then around. Go in the other direction and get even more of a burn, and that is what you are looking for, a burn in the thighs and the buttocks, breathing deeply, exhale slowly, let your whole body be involved in working out the buns and the thighs in the Winsor Pilates moves, circling, changing directions, changing the width of the circles also helps. The smaller go a little bit quicker, a little bit quicker and that is a good way to end your exercise by going really really fast and then going in the other direction, deep breathing, get your neck in line with your spine and down. Oh, that feels so good. I am Amy Newman, thank you so much for joining me as we learn how to use Winsor Pilates to sculpt our thighs and buttocks.


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