What Do I Need to Bring on a Cruise?

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You need to bring a lot more than just suntan lotion on a cruise, including items such as your cruise documents, identification, emergency contact list, and health insurance cards. Make the proper preparations for your trip with this free video of advice from a travel expert.

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Video Transcript

Hey, hi everybody. Tt's Matthew, coming to you with over 22 years in the travel industry. In fact, I have worked on over 400 cruises, which brings me to this subject called, "What do I need to bring on a cruise?" I'll tell you. First off, you're going to bring the things that you know you're going to bring already, your clothes, your bathing suit, your shorts, flip flops, suntan lotion. That's almost a given, but let's go over some of the essentials you're definitely going to need to bring. First off, you're going to want to bring your cruise documents. Your cruise documents has your luggage tags on it, it's got your cabin, your name, it's got all the identification you're going to need to get aboard the cruise ship, but first you're also going to need a proof of identification, passport, driver's license. I also kind of like to take with me in case I'm going to rent a car in one of the Ports of Call that I go to, proof of insurance for driving, and also bring your medical emergency card and your health insurance card, in case you have to resort to that. But another good thing is I like to make a list called emergency contacts. I put the names and numbers of everybody important to me that I would need anyone on the cruise line to contact in case of emergency, friends, loved one, doctor, names, phone numbers, ready to go. Also, in case of emergency, I love to travel with a flashlight. This is one of my favorite things. Take a flashlight with you, put it next to your bed in your cabin in case there's ever an emergency, you can light your way and know where you're going at all times. Also, in case you need to, you have got to bring some prescription medication with you, bring also a little pack that you can put some medicine in, in case you go on a short excursion, you can take that right with you. I like to stick a Band- Aid in there, as well as an antibacterial ointment. You never know when an emergency may happen, and be prepared, why not? And what you're going to need in a Ports of Call is you're going to need money. Whether it be US currency, foreign currency, any kind of currency or hey, how about a charge card? This is going to work almost anywhere you go on a cruise. Make sure you bring that with you. Travel with a wallet, bring a fanny pack, bring a money belt. You're ready to go. Also, in case you're not accustomed to the high seas, you might want some sea sickness medication to take with you. It's always good to have in case of emergency. And you're going to want to document your whole vacation aboard a cruise ship with cameras, whether it be a movie camera, a regular camera, if you have one of the cameras that require film and batteries, bring a lot of it. Also, don't forget to bring a charger to charge up your electronic equipment, and you know what? Go ahead, if you want, bring that cell phone of yours, because a lot of Ports of Call you're going to be able to get reception. Last, but not least, you're going to different destinations, maybe for the first time, bring some travel books. Learn about where you're going, know where you're going. That way you're going to make sure you see everything you want to see before you even get there. Whatever you choose to do, you're going to have a wonderful time because you're going on a cruise, and now you're going to know what to pack when you go on one. I hope this helped. I'll see you later everybody, bye.


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