Prevention of Type One Diabetes

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Type one diabetes can be prevented with a little adjustments to the way you provide for your child. Learn about the prevention of type one diabetes with help from an expert in the medical field in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Dwan Kelsey, I'm a nurse practitioner with WellLife, a Diabetes Clinic and Educational Resource Center, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we want to talk today about prevention in Type One diabetes. There's a Finnish study in Finland, that just came out with a hypothesis, that states that there is, that we can prevent Type 1 diabetes. And what they did is, they looked at infants that were getting formula, infant formula. And with that, they follow these infants, up until a certain amount or certain age. And those that received formula, developed Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce any insulin. And that's what separates Type 1 diabetes from Type 2 diabetes. We know that Type 1 diabetes occurs, typically occurs in the younger population. So. your children are the ones that we see. However, we have, we do see a lot of adults now, that develop Type 1 diabetes. When we talk about exercise and a reversal of diabetes and also, in the prevention and management of diabetes, you want to exercise about 30 minutes. And I always say, you want to exercise everyday. it needs to be a routine, daily event. Oftentimes, I have patients that say, I want to exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But when you tell the brain that. Then more than likely, that person is going to exercise one or two times, out of the week, which we can't have. so, our goal is to have them to exercise at least, five to seven times a week. Foods really have an impact on our blood sugar, just naturally. Anything, we have to remember that everything we eat, turns into sugar, except for meats and protein. So, everything we eat, from a sweet potato pie to a product of spinach, turns into sugar. Because our body needs glucose for energy. So, when that happens, when our body turns all of that into sugar and utilizes into sugar. It's going to raise, raise the blood sugar. So, that depends on what we are eating, it depends on or diet. So, diet is a huge factor, when it comes to normalizing blood sugar. Diabetes is a very complex disease, this has just been basic information regarding diabetes. Please make sure to visit your medical provider for more information or for diagnosis of diabetes.


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