How to Fix Half-Rimless Eyeglass Frames

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There are three main types of rimless eyeglass frames. Fix your frames with the help of a board-certified optometrist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Troy Kish here at Cool Springs Eye Care in Franklin, Tennessee, and right now we're going to discuss how to put in rimless lenses into a rimless frame. Now, there are three types of rimless glasses, or three main types. One of them is what we call the groove type and this is basically, half the frame is like a regular and then, the other half is rimless. And the lenses have a tiny, little groove in them, and basically, you can see it, it's right here. And of course, what holds the lens in, is like test line from fishing, it's like a fine plastic wire. And what we're going to do, is we're going to put the lens into the top part of the frame. Leaving the wire, the fish wire, hanging out in the front, just like that. And then, the tool that we use, is a ribbon and it can be a wrapping gift ribbon. This one just happens to be a tie that came off, of a box. But anything that has a little bit of strength and is flat. We're going to take the ribbon and stick it in, like this. And then, we're going to wrap it in half, holding the wire, see, how I've got that. And then, we're going to stretch the wire to the farthest corner, like this. And we're going to run the ribbon, all the way down the groove. And basically, once you've applied the right pressure. You now have the lens mounted into the frame, with the ribbon hanging, like this. So, now, we just have to remove the ribbon. We're going to hold the lens with our finger, at the bottom and then, we're just going to pull the ribbon towards us and out, and so, there we have it. We now have the rimless frame remounted, and that was taken care of. Now, another type of rimless, is what we call Silhouettes or compression mounted ones. And these require a whole other set of tools, mostly, you cannot buy these tools in the stores. So, you definitely want to take this into the eye care professional, to fix. Because these have holes drilled in them. And these special, little plastic compression mounts, that they will put in for you. The other type is like the compression mount, except, instead of having little plastic pieces, it has screws and little hex nuts to tighten them. And those are self-explanatory, when they get lose, you can tighten the screw from the front and back and it'll secure the lens tighter. And that is how we put together half rimless frames.


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