How to Make Scary Halloween Punch

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In order to make scary Halloween punch, make a spooky sparkling cider and add a scary skull and black licorice straws. Discover clever ways for making Halloween snacks with help from a professional chef in this free video on recipes for scarily scrumptious Halloween treats.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Karam with "Dishes by Michelle" in Los Angeles, California. Hosting a Halloween spooky party this year for the kids? Well, I've got the perfect recipe for a wonderful spooky, sparkling cider. This cider is not only spooky, but it's actually quite delicious, and the kids are sure to love it. So, the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take some sparkling cider and go ahead and add it to my big bowl, and this is what's going to add the fizzy to it. So, instead of filling the kids up on all those sugars that are in sodas and stuff, this is a perfect substitute. The next thing I'm going to do is I'm just going to take some cran-raspberry. You can take cranberry, you can take cran-grape, any sort of cranberry juice, because this is what's going to make it look sort of ghoulish and red and fun for the kids. Okay, so we've got all that in there. Now, this is where it can be really, really fun, and you can take this as far as you want to go with it, but kids are sure to love it. I'm going to take some lime and I'm going to put some lime juice inside of this, but the lime is going to serve two purposes for us. It's going to make great flavor inside of our drink, and we are going to go ahead and take the extra lime that's left from here, and we're going to take it and run it around the rim of this glass, and we're just going to kind of just get it all going around, kind of like how you would make a margarita, but for kids. And then, what I have over here is some sprinkles, and these are just plain sugar sprinkles. Now, this is the only portion of the drink where they're really going to get a kick of some sugar, but it's very little, but it adds so much fun to it. So, I'm going to take the cup and I'm just going to turn it upside down, and I'm going to run it inside the sugar that I have over here. So, I've got two different ones over here. I've got these great orange and black ones, which are just so Halloween, and then over here, this is red, and I always figure that's just kind of like the vampire blood going on, and look at how great that looks. So, the next thing that I'm going to go ahead and do, is I found in my local craft store, I found these really cool eyeball candy stirrers, and they go inside of the drink. Well, what I thought was, "why not go ahead and take some black licorice and turn these into kind of like little straws, just to add some more flare to it?" So, what I've done is I've gone ahead and I've just gotten my licorice, and I've kind of just eyeballed it, no pun intended, and I've cut the licorice on either end so that you could just have that hole in there, and just slide it right on through, and it even adds even more fun to it. So, I'm going to go ahead and put a couple of those in there. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "well, I can't just have this warm drink sitting out." Well, I have got the perfect solution for you. So, look at this fabulous skull. Last night I went ahead and I prepared some powdered mix lemonade and I gave, it gave it that wonderful yellow color, that glow-in-the-dark kind of color, and I put it into this mold that I found in another one of my arts and craft store that I go to, and I sat it overnight in the freezer, and when this comes out, this is going to be one giant ice cube that when they go to put their spoon in there to go ladle out their juice, it is going to be this spooky scary skull that's going to be staring right back out at them. And the best part is as the evening goes on and it melts, it's going to add wonderful flavor to the punch that you've already made. This looks so good, and I've really got to say that floating skull in there is seriously spooky, but I'm sure it tastes great. Let me give it a taste. Oh yeah, that is good, it's refreshing, and that crunch on the sugar, seriously, kids are going to flip over this. I'm Michelle Karam with "Dishes by Michelle" in Los Angeles, California. Thank you so much for watching my video on spooky sparkling cider.


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