Caramel Apples for Halloween

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Apples dipped in caramel are a classic Halloween treat, but they can be made even better with candy corn and crushed pecans. Find out how to make caramel apples with help from a professional chef in this free video on recipes for scarily scrumptious Halloween treats.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle Karam with "Dishes by Michelle" in Los Angeles, California. One of my favorite things from Halloween time when it rolls around is caramel apples. Today, I'm going to show you how to make sinfully delicious caramel dipped apples. So, the first thing that you want to to is you want to go ahead and get what I'm calling a double boiler going on, and what this means is that you're going to have a small pot or saucepan that you're going to put water inside of there, bring it to a boil and put another bowl on top of it that fits in there, that's heat safe, and put your ingredients inside of there to keep it melt. This means that it will keep it at an even temperature so that it doesn't get too hot. It doesn't scald, it doesn't stick, it doesn't burn. In today's case, we're going to be using caramels, and these are just plain caramels that I got from the store, and they come in the squares. So, I've gone ahead and I've opened up two packages of these caramels, and I've put them inside of this double boiler. I'm going to go ahead and add inside of there about two tablespoons of milk, and this is just going to make it extra creamy, extra rich so that it has something to go on. I'm not going to stir it yet. I'm going to wait until everything starts melting a little bit before I give it that first big stir. While that's going on, I have some apples over here. I have some Granny Smiths and I have some Red Delicious. I put these in the refrigerator over night. You're going to have more success with a cold apple than you are with an apple that's been sitting out at room temperature. So, I've gone ahead, I've taken some of these craft wood sticks. These are just plain craft wood sticks that you can get, and you're going to push it in about three quarters of the way, right to there. So, once you have it, you have it on the stick, it can stand up. I also, while that's going on and this is melting, I want you to get out a sheet pan and I want you to just take some parchment paper or some wax paper, just lay it over. That's also going to make for once it sets up, easy for it to just kind of peel off of there. So, let's go ahead and give this a stir. So, my caramel is at the absolute perfect consistency, and it is ready for us to dip these apples in them. You're going to go ahead and take your apple, and you're going to actually just roll it along its side inside of the bowl of caramel, the melted caramel that's here. Now, I've turned my flame on low because I still want it to be warm inside of here. I know there will be residual heat. You could actually, technically, probably turn this off, depends on how many you have going on, but you want this to stay warm so that the caramel does stay fluid and it moves, and it's easy to coat the apple. So, here we go, we're just going to go ahead and dip this in here, and oh my gosh, this looks so good. And then, you're just going to kind of bring it up, give it a second just to go ahead and drip off all that extra caramel. Look at that, oh so good. Kind of give it a little swirl to bring it back, and then you're going to take it and you're just going to go ahead and set it right down. Now, it's on the parchment paper, remember, so it's going to be real easy. If you don't put it on parchment paper, it will stick, and you will end up pulling off some of that great caramel, so let's keep on dipping. Now, the great thing about this is this could be one of those projects that you could technically do with the kids, and have a ton of toppings, and in this case I have crushed pecans and candy corn. So, this one, I think I'm just going to go ahead and I'm going to take some candy corns and maybe just stick them all around, kind of make it a little festive and fun. Hopefully they won't fall off, but I think they'll be great. That's a faulty candy corn. I think I'll eat it, mmm, alright, here's one more. And you know what? For good measure, let's just dip the bottom in those pecans. Look at how fun and festive that looks. The next thing you want to do is you want to take these and you want to put them in your refrigerator for about five to 10 minutes, and that will help the caramel set back up, become kind of hard so that it's not oozing all over the place. I'm Michelle Karam with "Dishes by Michelle". Thank you so much for watching my video on how to make caramel dipped apples.


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