How to Get Rid of Nose Blackheads

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Blackheads are dark spots that can show up badly on light skin. Learn how to fight blackheads with the help of a skin care professional in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. And I have been a makeup artist and a skin care specialist for upwards of five years. Today we'll be discussing how to get rid of blackheads on the nose. What we'll need for this is a warm washcloth that you have soaked in steaming water, as well as a little bit of lemon juice. Just to help open the pores. You are going to also need an extracting tool. So, how you are going to start is by steaming up some water that you have dipped a little bit of lemon juice into. And once you get that before a boil, but at a nice steam you are going to want to saturate a washcloth in that. Wring it out so you can put it over your face. You are going to want to sit back for a good five minutes. It's going to allow the pores to open. Once you remove that you are going to go on to the extraction. So, if you notice on an extraction tool you have a small head and a large head. What I prefer the small head for is for a specific spot. So if you have a pimple or you have a blackhead that's quite noticeable. Where as the larger one I like to actually take across the face in the areas that I am more affected like the T zone here. Maybe on the creases of the nose and across the chin. So, I'm just going to show you how to do that. We are going to start with the small size. So, I'm going to find a dirty pore I guess you could say. Here I have one. And I just do light pressure. And actually the dirt and residue comes right out. Much better than picking at your skin which can cause breakage and scars, and scabs, which can make your face look worse than just the regular blackheads. So, for the large one as I said, rolling across the skin. So, I'm going to take the crease of my nose. You are going to want to use some pressure but again not so much that you are pulling skin off your face. If you ever had a facial done before you'll know what that's like and although this is quite disgusting for you who like to pick their skin, there's some dirt from my pore right there. And just go on. Thank you so much for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and this is a discussion on how to remove blackheads from the nose.


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