How Do I Do Witch Makeup?

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Witch makeup begins with a smooth, green foundation, but you can also add deep wrinkles and moles using a black eyeliner pencil. Become a classic wicked witch with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Juan Pantoja, I'm a professional makeup artist in the Central Florida area. And today, I'm going to show you, how to do a witch makeup, how to create your own look. We start with a green base, we use an airbrush makeup. We used airbrush to create the entire look, to get it very soft. But you can use this with any clean base products or regular makeup, you can find round. It is used to get everything and blended and smooth it out. We stop at the face here, because if that will persist. But you want to create and cover everything, even the ears and the back of the neck. Everything that you see, skin, you want to color with the green. And now, we're going to start continuing in creating that character. Right now, it's just a green canvas, that's what I would say. First, I'm going to start with a yellow, to create a nice, soft highlight. Since the face is green, I want to highlight with yellow, instead of using white. You can use a frosty, shimmery white or gold, over the green, if you want something a little more glamorous. To create some contours in the face. So, I'm using the airbrush, you always want to keep it at least four to six inches away. So, everything goes very smooth, you don't want any color to be just sitting on one spot. The purpose of using the airbrush, you just do, have everything blended. I'm going to grab a, more like a terracotta color, it's kind of, like a reddish-brown, to create some contours. You can do it free-hand or you can have like, your hand or a piece of tissue paper, to create the contour, if you want it more defined. For this purpose, we want everything really nice, softly blended. A little contour here, on the temples. You're probably going to be using a wig, over the makeup. So, we can stop the makeup, we don't have to do a lot of details in this area. Because that wig is going to cover it, or the hat. We're using water activated makeup for creating all the textures and lines and details of the witch. And we're going to start creating some lines. But what I'm going to do, is I'm going to shake the excess of color off, I want to have a lot of paint. Of course, she's a witch, so let's add some warts here. Let's put one right here, let's put one right here, let's put one right here. Oh, those beauty marks are so awesome. I'm creating some details with the airbrush. Now, for this part, I'm going to go closer, because I'm going to create some lines. So, I want to create more thin, faded areas, close your eyes. Mix with a little bit of the brown, to enhance those shades. And to finish up our witch, let's do a bright fuchsia lip. That's how you can create a nice, wicked looking witch. A very sexy eye makeup, nice bright lips, a nice contour in a green base. Have fun with it. My name is Juan Pantoja, and I'm a professional makeup artist in the Central Florida area.


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