How Do I Do Hippies Makeup?

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Recreating hippie makeup involves using soft colors, like pinks, browns and ivories. Add finishing touches to a hippie costume with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in the central Florida area, and today we are going to be talking about how to do a hippie's makeup. I prepped my model here before doing a little bit of foundation. Something very natural. The hippie makeup was kind of like a no-makeup look, but we are going to do something more fun. We are going to add some color on the eyes. Going to start with a white base, this with the color will pop a little bit more. And then, we are going to start adding pinks and a little bit of blue, and yellow. Just to make it more fun. Okay. I'm going to be using a nice subtle pink; it's kind of like a salmon color. Using a white base underneath not just helps the makeup to pop more, but it helps your makeup stay longer. So, if you are going to a party or a dinner or something, this makeup will last all night with no problem. Of course, for Halloween, that's the whole idea. Let's add some fuchsia. Going a little more intense here with that fuchsia color. Open your eyes. Look straight forward. Now, this color is starting here. Now, let me see the eye. Keep looking straight, relax the brows. Okay, close. Want to keep darker pink on the outside, blend it real nice. We want everything to be very subtle, very blended and smoked one color between the other one so you don't see when where one starts and the other ends. And it's just like one color in different shades. I'm going to do few flowers here. I'm going to use a yellow paint. This is a water base, water activated makeup. It's used for face and body art and stuff like that. You can get a cream crayon type of style makeup. So, this way you want to use like a craft brush. It's like a little bit tapered. It's small you can get different sizes depending on how big you want your flower. The easiest way to do this is you load your brush and just press down and you get your little petals there without having to draw a lot. You can use a clean brush. I use the same brush so I get some of that yellow on the tips. So, it's not only just one color. Grab a liquid liner and I'm going to do some swirls around the flowers just to make it more fun and have something else not just the flowers sitting on air. The cool thing about this type of liners is that you can just put it down and do swirls wherever you want to do with it and nothing is going to go wrong. And if you don't like something, you can just grab a little bit of wipe and take it off. It's a very simple way to do a hippie makeup for this Halloween. My name is Juan Pantoja, professional makeup artist from central Florida.


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