How to Apply Pirate Makeup on Women

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Applying pirate makeup on a woman involves smudging black eyeliner around the eye and brushing on bronzer where the sun would naturally brown the face. Apply the finishing touches to a pirate costume with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in the Central Florida area. Today, we're going to be talking about how to apply pirate makeup to a woman. It's a very simple makeup. It's very clean, not a lot of color. It's a little bit more muddy, less polished makeup if we're going to keep it real. Taking from the success of the last pirate movies, we're going to start with a bottom liner and we're going to keep it on the outside just to get that raw dark under eye liner. It's real dark and faded so I'm applying it with a brush even though it's a pencil and instead of brushing it on I'm kind of like stippling it in. That way making it stay on better and the other main feature will be a bronzie skin. You don't want to have a pirate look and be looking like a pirate ghost so bronze the skin real well, get a nice blight around the cheek bones, on the apple of the cheek, on the bridge of the nose, here, everywhere you think if you are standing underneath the sun that the sun will hit you, that's where you want to put a lot of bronzer; because we're going to add a lot of blush to it, so our blush is going to be a nice sun kissed color. I already started adding like a natural beige color on the eyelid. I'm going to go with a darker brown around it, still nicely blended, not a lot of the finishing there, nothing too defined, everything is going to be very nicely blended. In this case I'm steering away from the more glamorous makeup like the V shape to the color and going to get more like a half and half tone just to make it a little bit more again when she opens her eyes and create a deeper look on the eyes like deeper set eyes and for this type of makeup we need to shape the brows real nice. So that's my next step right here. Using an eye shadow to shape the brows in kind of like a caramel color because she's blond. I don't want to use anything too dark it's going to make them look artificial. So a nice caramel color will create a nice shadow, a nice little shadow to make them look a little bit fuller just to give some definition. So, for this, I'm going to be using a pure red lip pencil which is going to give me a nice definition on the lips and what I'm doing instead of using a lipstick, I'm going to just use this lip pencil. Pencils are good because they tend to stay on better than lipsticks and lip glosses so it's a nice way of achieving a nice bold color. Our main focus here is going to be on getting a bronzie finish on the skin, a nice bronze all over the skin. We don't want anything too pale and bottom liner, very defined and bronzing, bronzing, bronzing, those are our two main features, the liner and the bronzing powder. On that lips you can go a little bit neutral or you can go bolder with it but keeping a more bronzie finish on the skin. A little bit muddy, you don't have to be better defined or you can be very glamorous and just sculpt the eyes a little bit better or take a little bit more time doing the eyes. So that's pirate makeup for women. My name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in Central Florida.


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