How to Do Camouflage Makeup

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Camouflage makeup simply requires painting on organic shapes in green, brown and black makeup to resemble a camouflage print. Complete a fully-camouflaged costume with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in Central Florida. Today, we're going to be doing camouflage makeup. For the camouflage makeup we mainly need three colors, green, brown and black, and I'm going to be using water activated makeup, usually for face painting that is very safe to use on every skin type, and children and adults and everything, and it makes it a little bit easier to work with. So, pretty much do the different areas that we want to cover, and I will start with the green and go with the brown and the final touch will be the black. There's no right or wrong with this type of makeup, I just want to go in different shapes and make sure that they all get mixed together. You don't want any of the shapes to be very angular, everything has to be more rounded, kind of like different patches of color. With this type of paint, if you let the product soak in water, a little bit it goes and flows a little bit better. You get a richer bolder color. You want to keep those edges nice and sharp. We don't want anything blended on the edges. I'm going to switch to the brown. Most of the time, you want to think what color you want to overlap over what color so that way like for example here I want that green to go over the brown so I have to cut the brown in a very sharp point in there and then I can bring it out again here. The main advantage to using this type of product is that it's easy to clean so at the end of the day if you are using it with children, it's better because then you don't have to be scrubbing their faces too much with different products and why I start with the green, then brown, then black because I'm working with the same brush so I want to start with the black and then having to clean everything wastes ten minutes cleaning the brush so I can do the green. This way I can just go from one color to the darker to the darker color. The idea is to cover the entire face with different patterns of green, brown, black, one going over the other one, overlapping colors, not so much like getting a specific pattern but just one color over the other one. I think a little bit more green so I am going to do another pass with green real quick. Just need to change my brush real quick. That's a very simple way of doing a camouflage makeup, quick easy, just three main colors, brown, black and green overlapping colors one over the other one, thinking of what color you want to go over and what color you want to go under. Have fun with it. There is no right or wrong with this, this type of makeup. Just have fun with it, put colors together. My name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in the Central Florida area.


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