How to Apply Pirate Makeup for a Man

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Men's pirate makeup for Halloween consists of smudging black liner underneath the eye, brushing on bronzer all over the face, and applying a five-o'clock shadow on the cheeks, chin and above the lip. Create a natural- and realistic-looking pirate with a demonstration from a professional special effects makeup artist in this free video on Halloween costumes.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Juan Pantoja. I'm a professional makeup artist in the central Florida area. And today, we're going to be talking about how to apply pirate makeup on a man. We're going to draw our design from the success of the most recent pirate movies, and which requires black liner. And, that's where we're going to start. Okay, look up. Which, for guys, since we don't wear this all the time, is going to be a little bit tedious, try not to cry. That's not to be perfect, it actually has to be all messed up, but you want to get that black in there. Blink. For the guys, you want to let them know they want to blink as much as they want, so it doesn't water and go all over the place. You want to stop it for watering, you want to blink. Using a very rich intense black, so I can just do it in one pass, I don't have to be, like, going back and forth with it. And now, it's all bleeded out, and smudgy, and not pretty. That's what we're looking for. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm just going to blend this. You can, just keep looking straight, you can blink all you want, because the color is there. That's good. Okay, now we're going to do bronzer, because that's going to be the main thing for these type of looks have a very bronzey finish. Of course, we can see where the sun hits, like right around here, right around here. Where his cap settled, there's not a lot of sun here, but we're going to add that sun there. For guys who don't want to do a lot of makeup, because, you know, normally guys don't wear a lot of makeup, and they're going to feel a little bit uncomfortable. So, even a bronzer is not that bad, it's a very rugged look. You don't want to have a polished pirate look. Now, remember, you want to wear a pirate costume is just for that, you want to be a mean looking guy. You don't want to be looking all polished up. For that, you will go to a gangster look. We'll make it a little bit darker here around the eyes. We're using a brown eye shadow, dark brown eye shadow, not black, because it will blend a little bit easier with the skin. And, let's do a scar on this side, and go very lightly alongside with it. Then, with your finger, you can tone it down, and can like make it sink in. Then, for final touches, most of the time, all Halloween stores and special effect stores, they will sell this stuff as bunch with a makeup kit for creating beard, or different texture in the skin. It's a texturizing sponge. You can find something similar in hardware stores, where they sell AC units for filters. What I'm going to do, I'm going to grab a little bit of black and brown, I'm going to texturize here a little bit more. If you lay your different colors, like browns and blacks, it's going to look more natural than just putting plain black. And, since this makeup not for, like, a stage play or something like that, for stage we want to use more product. It's something that people are going to see, like, three feet away. So, the minimal, less you put, the better it's going to look. It's a very simple pirate look. You can wear your eye patch, or your pirate hat with your costume, and have fun with it, just dress up, and play pirate. My name is Juan Pantoja, I'm a professional makeup artist from central Florida.


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