How to Draw a Car with French Curves

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French curves provide a robust, elegant quality to a drawing. Observe as a professional illustrator shows how to draw a car with French curves.

Part of the Video Series: How to Draw Cars, Trucks and Bikes
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Weisner, I'm an animator, illustrator and graphic designer. And today, I'm going to show you how to draw a car with French curves, let's get started. Now, because of the high detail of this vehicle. It's not a bad idea to do a pre-sketch and use source material to do the research for this subject. Alright guys, let's begin with drawing our car with French curves. Now remember, French curves are very elegant, they're very robust and big. And it looks really, really neat, in my opinion, whenever I look at these cars. So, to start with, start with the hood. Draw a line going down. To begin with, our hood's going to be, cars' going to be standing at a 340th of an angle. I've got that guideline line setup. I'm going to add a bit of a back rear, try and draw out the body. Remember, our car is going to be kind of, elegant looking. So, up here, a box there, a box here. We're not done yet, because French curve cars, the hood that cases the engine, it's going to be a little bit out of place. It's not going to meet this area, this area right here. Let's do a quick little reminder note, right here, it's where one of our wheel's going to be. This our hood, the nose, angle, now it looks pretty good. Now, let's get started on building out the body, a bit more. To begin with, we're now going to make this car look a little neat. By adding a sort of, a nice, little show to it, maybe fang-ish look to the front. Put one of the lights, up here, add another fang, have a bit of a tip, bring that out a bit more. I've got that sort of, hanging out the rear wheel. Now, we've got this looking a little bit better, let's start adding some detail to it. So, I'm going to add a bit of a car decal, bring out my window a bit more. Since this is a two-door car, I'm going to have a back seat. Talking of that a bit, now, we're missing something. We're missing a vent area, right here. Make this look a bit like a grill, and we're going to add tires. Put some quick shade, so we can hide some of our lines. There you have it. And that's how you draw a car with French curves, hope you enjoyed, I'll see you next time.


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