How to Tie an African Head Scarf

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The African head scarf is a large, bold scarf worn wrapped over the hair. Don a head scarf in an African style with a demonstration by a certified image consultant in this free video on fashion accessories.

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Video Transcript

Having a bad hair day? I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert, and I'm going to show you how to tie an African head scarf. First, you are going to start out with about a four foot by four foot square piece of fabric, usually in cotton. And we are going to fold it into a triangle. Next, we're going to take the fold of the triangle center it over the crown of the forehead, over the hairline. And you are going to wrap the ends together so you can grab hold. And you are going to tie underneath the hair in a nice, firm knot. Let me grab at this just a little bit more so I have something to tie with here. I'm going to tie it under the hair at the nape of the neck. The cotton scarf means it will stay in place a lot better than a silk, and it's a lot lighter in weight easier to wear in the summertime so you won't get overheated. Okay. Next, we are going to take the two ends and we are going to pull them up over the top, cross them and then secure in a knot underneath the nape of the neck here. A nice little knot, and then you can tuck the ends in. And you can leave the ends out like this or you can tuck them in so you have a nice little bun look. And we are going to do one more. I'm going to take out the ends that we've tucked in. And I'm going to grab hold, we're going to leave it tied from underneath. But now, we're going to take the ends and we are going to twist them up and over as we go. Take both ends you are going to come around the crown, keep twisting as you go. This forms a nice look on the forehead. Keep bringing it around. You are going to secure in a knot underneath, tuck the ends in again. Make sure it's secure. And you can fold this up and tuck under. And that's how you tie an African head scarf. I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert.


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