How to Stop Hair From Graying

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Keeping your hair from graying can be as simple as finding a method that will stop or slow the process. Learn about the different methods offered in salons with the helpful tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on how to stop hair from graying.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Daniel Robb, hairstylist from Los Angeles, California, and today I'm going to talk to you about how to stop your hair from graying. Well, you really can't. However, there are methods that you can have performed in the salon that will help stop the hair from looking like it's graying, or help slow the process so that maybe, over time, no one will really notice that your hair is graying. So, here are a few ways that I use that help my clients maintain their natural look. One way is a demi-permanent color. Demi-permanent is a very easy way to blend away gray. It doesn't completely take gray away from the hair, but it is one of the most natural looks. And, the maintenance is very low, you don't get a hard root line, or a noticeable root line, because over time, the demi-permanent color washes from the hair, wears off the hair. So, the maintenance for that would be every six to eight weeks. The next process that I would use would be what we call a reverse weave, where a lot of people come into the salon and they have their hair highlighted or weaved with blond highlights. Well, what we do for people that are graying, is put dark low lights into their hair, using the same technique where we weave the hair out, put foil underneath the weaved out pieces of hair, put the dark color instead of the blond color, we put the dark color on those pieces, and encapsulate that hair in the foil, and process it under a dryer, just as we would if we were doing blond. But, the outcome would be to help blend out that gray hair, and maintain that look of natural kind of salt and pepper, it kind of keeps you in one spot of your graying if you will. The third and final way that you can stop hair from graying, or stop hair from looking like it's graying, is, of course, to use permanent hair color, and color the entire head of hair. That will give you the most maintenance of course, because you'll have to come in and have the root touched up, say every four weeks, especially if your hair is very gray, and you're going to a darker color. The lighter color you use, the less noticeable the gray root will be. The darker you go with hair color, the most noticeable the gray regrowth will be. None of this is a quick fix, it will all require maintenance, but you'll be very happy, I think, with the outcome. I'm Daniel Robb, colorist, from Los Angeles, California. Thank you for watching my video on how to stop hair from graying.


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