How to Cut Hair in the Bob Style

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The most important feature of the bob hair style is the blunt line. Flawlessly create this line with the helpful tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on how to cut hair in the bob style.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Daniel Robb, hairstylist from Los Angeles, California, and today I'm going to show you how to cut hair in a Bob style. The way I'm going to cut my Bob today is all one length with a nice blunt edge. So, starting with a wet head of hair, I'm going to show you how to section the hair and start the cutting. What you want to do is start at the top. And you are going to take the hair up in probably three or more sections. And you want these sections to be as even as possible. And I'm taking these front sections, and I'm just going to twist them out of my way. They can also be clipped out of the way. And then I'm going to take another section, comb that, twist it and clip it out of the way. And this is where I'll start, back in the nape area. Now there are all levels and lengths of Bobs that you can cut. I'm going to cut a longer Bob because my model doesn't want her hair super short. But, the idea is to give a nice blunt clean edge to the hair. So, this point, I'm going to have my model drop her chin down and this is a very important step because the hair naturally will kick under once the hair is put upright. If you start with the head forward. So this point I just comb the hair straight down and trim off the amount that I want to create that nice blunt Bob line. Once again a Bob can be anywhere from just below your neck up to your chin. The idea of the Bob is really the blunt line. And you can see I'm holding the hair taught between my fingers so that I have control over the line. Now, sometimes little hairs can get missed, so you want to make sure that you comb the hair down once you've cut it, you want to comb the hair down again just to make sure that any of those underneath hairs get cut. Then I take another section, and you want to make sure that you take clean parted sections when cutting a Bob. You'll get a more even line at the bottom. And I am going to have her tilt her head up and I am going to comb her hair out and you can see where I am going with this cut. You can see how the edges blunt, how it's going to lift away from the head so that she will get a turn under effect. So, I finished my haircut and now I'm going to blow my model's hair dry and we'll get to see the finished Bob. So, I've roughed dried the model's hair so most of the wetness is out. My next step is to start from the back of her head and work around the head using a round brush to turn the ends under. Since I did do a blunt Bob with an undercut because her head was down during the entire cut, I should get a beautiful turn under and it should lay awesome. So, here's our amazing result. I'm Daniel Robb, and thank you for watching my video on how to cut hair in a Bob style.


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