How to Write a Closing Speech

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Giving a closing speech can put you at a disadvantage because you are coming after a long chain of speakers. Play off of the audience's sentimentality with the informative tips provided by an accomplished writer in this free video on how to write a closing speech.

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Hi, my name is Eric Shapiro. I'm with a ghostwriting and editing company that's called Ghostwriters Central. We are located in Los Angeles, California. And we attend to the writing and editing needs of a wide variety of clients all over the world. And one of our favorite services to offer is speech writing. So today, I am going to talk a little bit about how to write a closing speech. Now when somebody is working on a closing speech they are in a bit of a, a bit of a disadvantage. Because more likely then not they are coming after a long chain of speakers. Probably at the end of an evening, the end of an event, maybe the end of a conference. And everybody is in a very tricky and emotional state at that point. On the one hand the audience kind of wants to get up and move on to the next thing. They want to walk out the door and go home. So with that in mind you have to be brief. It's very important you know to not keep them there long for the closing. Don't make it a big grand, sprawling affair because the people are inclined to get restless. You don't have a lot of their attention. The good news on the other hand when it comes to a closing speech you know there might be an air of sentimentality. Or there might be some longing or nostalgia for the event that's now coming to an end. You know cause people invariably no matter what the nature of the event is they've looked forward to it. They've spend time preparing for it. All the points have been made and the talk has been covered and now it's up to you the closing speaker to sort of send them home. So don't rush them home. Even though it falls on you to be brief, you know it's a good idea to also play toward that sentimentality. Don't make it an informational or factual or statistical speech but make it an emotional speech. You know make it a speech of gratitude where the participation of the audience is, the audience and attendees is honored. And sort of you know leave it on an uplifting note. Know that your function is to sort of bring everything in for a safe landing and close out that event so everybody can move on to their next set of objectives. And you'll be in good shape as far as your closing speech. So again my name is Eric Shapiro and I am a partner in a ghost writing and editing company called Ghostwriting Central. We are in southern California, and we attend to the writing and editing needs of clients all over the world. And today, we've discussed how to work on a closing speech.


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