How to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly

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To apply eye shadow correctly, you will need the right brushes and tools. Master the art of perfect eye makeup with the help of a professional makeup artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

I'm Sarah, professional makeup artist and licensed aesthetician, and I'm going to demonstrate how to apply eyeshadow correctly. When you're doing this, you want to select at least three colors, a light color, medium and dark color and you want to apply the light color as a highlighter and a base on the brow bone and actually all over the eye is great and you use your medium color on the lid and your darker color on the crease. For this, you are going to need an angled brush. I like to use a thicker one and a thinner one. Also, a blending brush is very helpful. So to get started, we're going to start with the highlighter and we are going to highlight her brow bone and we can bring it on the bottom to as her base and it will look, this looks really good and it's a great foundation for us. So next, what we're going to do is switch to our angled brush and get into our medium colored eyeshadow, which for today I'm going to use this nice bronze gold, and I'm going to apply this on her lid. It's a very pretty color. So, the second color goes on the lid and is applied with the angled brush. The third color is going to be your darkest color, and that is going to go in the crease of your eye, so I'm going to select this nice dark plum that I have and I'm going to apply it with an angled brush, and I'm going to put this right in her crease. Okay, make sure that you have a nice curve on the crease kind of following the eyelash or the eyebrow, excuse me. Afterwards, now that we've placed our colors where we want them, we're going to come in and just do a little blending with the blending brush, and to do that you just make some small circles like this and wipe off any excess. This is the correct way to apply eyeshadow. For more tips and tricks, you can check out


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