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A BOSU ball is essentially a half of a ball, and it is great for abdominal exercises, especially when lying on it with the lower back. Find out how to do wood chop exercises and more with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on abdominal exercises and workouts.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to talk to you about abdominal exercises you can do on the BOSU. This is it, a BOSU, a ball cut in half. But it's pretty fantastic because it's really comfortable and you're not worrying about really falling over so you can really focus on those abdominal muscles. Going to start really simple. So, here's the BOSU. I want you to sit on top but then slide off a little so your low back is just right into the ball and it's real comfortable, extend one leg, opposite arm is over your head. I want to start with these little wood chop deals, kind of opposite arm, opposite leg, lengthening. So, I'm really thinking about, when I do this, pressing my low back into the ball. Really helps the core, engages all the muscles and I like this because you've got length. The arm is long. The leg is long and boom, pulling them together, just working everything. So, the other side, same idea, just to give you a different angle and that's pretty fantastic. So, that was the middle. On the sides, obliques. It's kind of hard to lay on the floor and do obliques. So, again I've kind of got my side pressed up against the side of this ball, hand touches this, I've got my knee down so I'm kind of comfortable, lift and lower. I'm going to come up a little. I want to be a little bit more on top. Lift, so my hip is on the ball, crunch, right there, oblique. You can even bring that top leg off the floor and pull the knee in, just if you want to, no big deal, but man obliques are already burning. Alright come over on your belly. Let's do plank. So let's just say it hurts your elbow to get on the floor and do plank, this is fantastic. I'm on the BOSU. Knees, sink them, it's awesome. Tuck your toes, lift the knees off, abdominals, lift one leg. It's harder, put the foot down, lift the other, put it down and just hold this. Be long from the crown of your head right out through your heels. Man that's awesome. Feeling every single muscle throughout the core. So, we've got the wood chops. We've got the obliques and then right back to the core due to the plank. That's just everything, the low back, that's everything. Those are three great things you can do on this BOSU for your abdominals.


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