Acupuncture Treatment for a Sprained Ankle

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When treating a sprained ankle with acupuncture, remember that this is treated along the stomach meridian. Learn about the supplies and procedures used in acupuncture with help from an acupuncture physician in this free video on acupuncture and sprained ankles.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Bob Linde. I'm an Acupuncture Physician and Registered Herbalist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, I'm going to you about how to treat a sprain ankle with acupuncture. So, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you find a highly qualified, licensed acupuncture physician in your area. And when, what he's going to do is go ahead and get together his supplies; his single-use sterilized needles, he's going to get cotton swabs and all the other things that he needs in order to perform safe and effective acupuncture. So, once we go ahead and locate what the problem is and in this case, we're going to treat some ankle pain and leg pain, it's along the stomach meridian. We want to go ahead and swab a few points that are going to be effective for assisting him with his pain. And we're going to go ahead and be nice and use the smallest needles we have and make it very comfortable for him. So, once we get our needles open, we're going to go ahead and locate the points that are going to be effective. So, the first point we want is stomach 36 and so, we're going to locate that just below the knee. Place the needle and tap it in with a little bit of stimulation. And we're going to go ahead and find two more points. And there's a variety of different points based on the particular situation that an individual may have or the treatment techniques of an individual acupuncturist. So, we got stomach 41, it's very specific for pain in the ankle; also good for stomach problems. And then, one of my favorites for pain along the stomach meridian is stomach 4 that's here by the toe and normally we let these points stay in for about fifteen to twenty minutes. And if we do have an acute injury, like a sprained ankle, we're very likely to add electro stimulation on there or use some topical application of herbs. So, we can do this; we can also, if it's an older injury that was caused by a sprained ankle, we might do a little bit of massage as well on it. But, with an acute injury, we usually want to keep our hands off majority of the time. So, it's important to ensure that it is a sprained ankle and that there isn't further injury, any tearing or broken bones involve, in which case you would need medical in, intervention from an emergency room or from an MD who can do proper x-raying and setting of any particular problem. So, once we've got all of those needles in, we've let them sit for about twenty minutes, we can go ahead and get our barrier or nice cotton ball and we can remove these points. And, although we're using a cotton ball, it's not really to take care of issue of blood so much, as we say, we don't have the chi to escape in this case. So, we just go ahead and cover the whole we say with this and we don't actually have any bleeding. It's very comfortable for the patient who will oftentimes see some very fast reduction in any swelling and pain that maybe associated with the problem. So, this is Bob Linde in St. Petersburg, Florida talking to you about using acupuncture for a sprain ankle. So, find your local acupuncturist to take care of all of your problems sometimes soon.


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