How to Get Phone Numbers From Girls

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You really haven't won an opportunity with a girl until she gives you her number. Interest your prospective girl into giving her number to you with tips from a professional relationship coach in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sally Landau. I'm a relationship coach in Los Angeles, and my company is Dating Can Be Fun. The elusive question, "How do I get a girl's phone number?" Well, first you have to talk to her. You need to engage her. And, look, I'm hesitant to tell you exactly how to do this, because it's going to sound like a formula. And, there's nothing worse than somebody working a formula. It wreaks of structure and inauthenticity. So, you need to practice this thing, and if it's not good the first time, it might work the second time. Here's what you want to do: Engage her in conversation. Hopefully, it's a subject she's interested in. Maybe you can find some way to get her to talk about herself, or what she does for fun. After two or three minutes, do not be going, but after a while, look down at your watch when you think it's two or three minutes, and you say, "Oh, gosh. This has been fun, but I got to go, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I got to meet some friends" which will tell her a couple of things. You know, you only had a short time with her, and you have a life outside this bar. And, you walk away. You don't get very far, you get five or six steps, then you think of it, like suddenly in the moment turn around and say to her, "You know, I really enjoyed this conversation. I'd like to have some way to continue it. Do you have an e-mail?" Well, most people do. So, then you grab a bar napkin, and you have a pen in your pocket. You say, "Would you give it to me?" And if she's writing it, let's assume she's telling you the truth, if she's writing it, you know, you've gotten, you've gotten pretty far along in this conversation. You say, "Hey, while you're writing it, can I have your home phone number too or your cellphone?" Don't take yourself seriously. Have fun in the moment, and then you know what you do? You say, "Thank you", you put it in your pocket, and then you really, truly, leave the bar. I'm Sally Landau, I'm your relationship coach, and my company is Dating Can Be Fun.


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