How to Put Highlights in Your Hair

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To highlight hair, use two or three colors to create dimension and contrast. Separate the hair using a weaving comb and foil and paint on the color making sure it is fully saturated following the detailed steps as outlined by a hairstylist in this free video on hair.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jen and we're here at the Phoenix Salon in Los Angeles, California and we are going to show you how to highlight our lovely model's hair today with a couple of colors to create some dimension and contrast in her hair. First thing is, this is a Redken and it's a highlight intense and we use that with a forty volume peroxide, it's twelve percent. Secondly, use a lightener and this is by schlods ka with a very low volume peroxide which is a five volume. That's probably the lowest you could get; the lighter color, then, the one that we're going to get with this. Thirdly, to add just a little more depth in contrast, we're gong to use this shades EQ and I've two shades that I'm going to mix together and one of them is a golden blond and the other one is a copper tone. We're going to add youth to her look even though she's young as it is, she's going to look even younger and sexier. So, I can't wait to get started. So, we have three bowls. Each one is going to have separate color. Each bowl is going to have its own brush 'cause you don't want to mix them together. Weaving comb and this is what's going to use to separate the hair. Foil which is the main key here and this is what keeps the hair separated. So, we're going to start off with the Redken. I've use I'd say about three quarters of an ounce of color; so that's about how much peroxide I want to use, is three quarters of an ounce. So, I'm going to go ahead and pour it in there and like using the lines, kind of get my measurements. Just go ahead and start stirring the color so it, it feels sort of like a paste almost when it's in the right texture. So, as you can see, it's not dripping off my brush. So, I would say that's about the right paste, that it kind of sticks on there, doesn't fall off because the thicker it is, the easier it is to keep on the foil and it'll keep it from bleeding through onto the other hair. And that's a big problem in highlighting, is that people make that mistake; the product's too runny and it ends up running through the foil onto the other hair and then you'll end up with a hair disaster. So, we're going to get to the next color which is the lightener which I have showed you, the Schwartscoff and that actually comes with a little scooper. So, you can just scoop out until like half a scoop and put it in the bowl and like I said, we're using the lowest amount of peroxide here, it's five volume. So, it's the least damaging, most gentle on the hair. And using the lines in the bowl, we're just going pour it in to incorporate the product together. So again, if I show you, you know, it's pretty thick and you can kind of see, it's thick on the brush. It doesn't just drip right off the brush. That's, that's the consistency you're looking for. And then we have our third color which is the shades EQ, I would say about half ounce of this color and again, using the lines in the bowl, we're just going to measure that out. And all you really want to do with this other color is just put dropping. I know when you think of drop, it can't make a difference; but a drop actually makes a difference. It's just going to add a little bit of depth to the colors. So, you just want literally put a drop of it in; maybe two drops and then you want to take their developer. You have to use their developer. You can't use anything else otherwise it will not work properly and you add in the equal amount using the lines in the bowl. Okay, so we are going to weave out a few pieces of her hair in the front, just like that and take our foil and put underneath. This is basically face framing. So, we're frame, framing her face and kind of make it a little bit lighter. Get a little bit of pot around from the face and we're going to paint on the color; make sure we get it fully saturated. So, as you can see, I put that's what it looks like and then we just want to fold up the foil, make sure it's pretty tight, it doesn't move and then we got one foil. Okay, so we're on our next section and we're going to go ahead and weave out a few pieces like I was showing you with the previous section. Pull them out, we've got a section of hair here that we're going to take a piece of foil; stick it underneath. Take our highlight intense and paint it onto the hair. Okay, so here we are with our next step. We're just taking down the foil and you can just pull the foil right out and shampoo the hair. Okay, here we go. Here is the finished product of the lovely highlights. Her hair looks very natural. It doesn't look bleached or processed or highlight. It just looks like she's been in the sun, her natural colors are kind of popping through.


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