How to Calculate the Due Date From the Date of Conception

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Calculating the due date from the date of conception can actually be put into a formula based on the last menstrual period before you became pregnant. Calculate your due date from the date of conception with help from an OB/GYN in this free video on pregnancy.

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Video Transcript

This is Dr. Brent Wright discussing how to calculate the due date on the date of conception. Actually, what OBGYNs use is the last menstrual period. That's not exactly the date of conception. It's easier to come up with that date, it's the first day of bleeding of the last menstrual period before you became pregnant. Usually about two weeks before ovulation, most women have a 28 day cycle, ovulations can be on day 14, but that may not be true for all women, so that's why we use the last menstrual period. There's something called "Naegele's Rule", been around for a long time, what you do is you subtract three months, and then add seven days, and then add one year to the year, so that is called "Naegele's Rule", that's, that's one way. Less accurate, we have wheels, there's OB calculators online now, you can use those. Another way to do it is add 280 days to the last menstrual period. So, all these things are available to you, but generally what I would recommend you do is go onto an OB calculator online, and that will give you how to, how to calculate the date of confinement, but you know what? That's not always the day it's going to happen on, you know, that's just an average date. Not every pregnancy lasts 280 days, some go early, some go late, so it's important to say that's just a general range, and it's important for the OBGYN to have that so we can monitor the pregnancy as it goes through, makes sure there's appropriate growth and everything. So anyway, that's how you can calculate the last, how, when your baby's going to be coming, and when it's due, but it's not always going to happen on that date. This is Dr. Brent Wright on how to calculate the due date.


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