How to Become Pregnant With Twins Naturally

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Becoming pregnant with twins naturally is highly unlikely, however there are many factors that may improve your chances. Try to have twins naturally with advice from an OB/GYN in this free video on getting pregnant.

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Video Transcript

This is Dr. Brent Wright on discussing how to have twins naturally. First of all, twins is a relatively uncommon situation in the United States. It occurs anywhere from about 12 to 15 per thousand in the United States. In some cultures, it may be much higher. Some areas in Latin America, Argentina, there are some places where because they think diet may effect the increased risk of ovulating multiple eggs, that people may have more twins in those areas. Other modifiable risk factors are your, of course you can't change it, your race. And, where you live, the country you come from, the diets that you eat. And, if somebody has had multiple children, they're increased their risk of having twins later on in life. After the age of 35, may be a modifiable risk factor. So, some of these things can increase your risk of having twins. Of course, the most common one used in the United States is fertility drugs. Seeing your doctor, getting drugs such as clomid, pergonal, can increase your risk of twins. But, none of these are really natural mechanisms, these are all artificial or pharmaceutical derived methods, in vitro fertilization being the most common. But, when you're talking about naturally occurring twins, it has a lot to do about culture, genetics, and things that aren't really modifiable. There is some evidence that perhaps phytoestrogens that you can find in certain drugs, and foods such as yams, may increase your risk of having twins. They have done a study where vegans who have no dietary dairy products in their diet have a decreased risk of having twins. So, it may be some evidence that phytoestrogens may slightly increase your risk of twinning. So, if you have any questions, please discuss this with your physician. Dr. Brent Wright discussing how to have twins naturally.


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