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The house is finally ready, thanks to the joint efforts of Reclaimed Space and Ecofabulous. Dwell on Design Conference attendees are treated to a personal tour and a shot at taking home the prize as the eBay auction begins.

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You know, we came this morning and it's still a work in progress, but it was amazing the very last hour. I don't know if you saw, I mean it was like, everybody just kind of rose up to the occasion, things just got away, up, done, finished and the feedback has been unbelievable, so we're over the moon, so happy. There is really nothing like this on the West Coast, so it's great and it definitely shows in the attendance. This is only Friday, and the trade day, and it already seems pretty busy, so it's exciting. One person in particular came in and said, "this is the only reason I came to the show, was to see this." He said, "I've heard about it in all these places, I want to see this," so that's what we like to hear. It's going great. We have a line at least 10, 20 people all the time outside the house, so it's been fantastic. I've seen a few of reclaim spaces units and I think that this is the best one to date. I think that the hardware and everything they are using inside is really well-suited, you know, it's slick and it's modern, but it also fits with the rustic nature of the reclaim materials. What I really want to do here is be able to show people that you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle in any style, that whatever your vision is and whatever your aesthetic is, there's a more environmentally conscious option out there for you. Eco Arbor does those, the decking and the decking, as I was saying, clicks together in about five to seven minutes. It's just amazing to see them come in and click, click, click, click, and it's all sustainably-harvested wood. We wanted to do something different, but you can't really do anything too modern in a space like this. You could, but I couldn't. I tried, but I decided that it had to feel like it really fit here. We designed this island. Last year, our island did not have a cook top, which is something that's really exciting for us, is that we actually do a cook top this year. We didn't have a cook top last year because we couldn't have a hood because it's just such a small house, so the fact that you can have a hood that has downdraft, that's pretty exciting. And the other thing is besides the fact this is 73 percent more efficient, energy efficient, it's also really safe. So, if you're in small space like this, you don't want to bump into something that's hot, you can get burned, so that's really nice. I like to make my own sparkling water. It's my vice, it's my one really bad vice. I've gave up like everything else, not that I ever did anything else, I'm just saying I don't do anything else. So, I want filtered water that I can then sparkle myself, because I don't want to ship my water from France or Italy. This is Soda Stream's Penguin system, which is their more high-end version, and that's it. I now have sparkling water, which brings me to the refrigerator. Right now, it's got strawberries, chocolate strawberries that our chef has cooked, but you can even fit a sheet cake in it, which is really unusual. I know, because I've tried to fit sheet cakes in refrigerators before, and this one's not organic, so you can't taste it. And then, we've also got an Ever Pure filtration system, so the water filtration system actually gets out all the bacteria and viruses. It's one of the few that can get rid of viruses as well. We really have loved Eric Ode's work and we commissioned this and it's, you know, I think it's quite beautiful, but it's all paint that he finds at the dump, as well as the wood is from the dump as well. I'm going to show you the washer and dryer. So, I actually designed a lot of the house around the washer and dryer. Last year, we didn't have one, and I thought if this was really going to be a house. So, last year, it was really a studio, this year it's a house. You should be line drying as much as possible, but you definitely need a really efficient washer and dryer when you are doing it. All the insulation is from recycled denim. So, Bonded Logic has a partnership with Levis. Levis sends their jeans to Bonded Logic and they're turned into insulation. This was a piece by Joshua Fenning. He designed this bed and the headboard for this space. So, this bed is actually made with natural tapped rubber. We used all Coyuchi sheets because Coyuchi sheets are organic cotton, and then this year we did a fan in the bedroom, which is so nice because if we didn't have the fan it would be really stuffy in here. This is inside a convention center and it is hot, and it actually has a lot of air flow because of that. I love these curtains because I actually use these in a house that I designed three years ago. It was a showhouse, and I realized we didn't have any window coverings for this house. So, I called my curtain guy and I said, "can you cut these down?" And so he did, and so we reused them, but they're already made out of the waste product from the pineapple husks. So, these are all barn doors, so they slide so that you can have a lot of privacy and can open it up, but you don't have to worry about door space opening any doors. So, this is Rocky Mountain Hardware, which has very high recycled content. And then the barn door opens and we have a closet and we have a really great functioning closet, and all of the clothes except for the ones that are mine are actually going to be auctioned off on eBay as well. You know, it's just under 400 square feet, but everyone walks in and says wow, they can't believe it's just 400. It feels so much more open the way it's designed. It has an open layout, the high ceilings really help. It has a separate bedroom and a microwave and a closet and all your appliances, so yeah, it really is pretty much everything you need. The first thing they have to do is take it all in. Then they come back with 20 questions, you know, how is it built, how is it this, they want to know all different aspects. They want to know the details, you know, we're getting questions about permitting, about wood types, termites. They're very specific, everyone wants to know different aspects of the house, but overall they love it, you know. So, they look at it and they grasp it and they take it all in and they go, wow, I really like it, and the first thing they say, typically, is this is only 392 square foot. It seems like it's so much bigger, you know, it's so livable. So, what did you think of the house? It's very cool. I liked the flooring and the comfort of it all. It's like a loft. It's very cool, you've got the bedroom and everything. You know, they take care of everything, the insulation, the water, the electricity, and it's all eco-friendly, so I guess they go out and source all the vendors, and they put it all together, and you don't have to worry too much about going out to different places and figuring things out. It's pretty amazing, I mean it's ridiculous, just the blend of eclectic styles inside. So, it was really right that way in the use of reclaimed material. It was really fantastic. Very livable. Really interesting. You've got all your essentials, your necessities, and we don't think about living that way but you really don't need all that space. I think it's a wonderful use of space. Same as my wife, really. We agree on everything, did a real good job. I mean this is just great. It's small. It's compact and it's affordable. The response of the house has been phenomenal. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm blown away by how excited people are and how inspired people are to change their own behavior, but also to incorporate so many of the design concepts that we tried to, tried to share in this house.


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