Acupressure Points for Sympathetic Nervous System

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Acupressure can be used to help balance the sympathetic nervous system, which creates the fight or flight response in the body. Find out how to use acupressure techniques for the sympathetic nervous system with help from a teacher, author and alchemist in this free video on acupressure treatments.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stasia Bliss and this is acupressure for the sympathetic nervous system. And I mean, when I say that, I mean to balance the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is what creates the fight or flight within our body. So, along with this will be, helping to relive adrenal exhaustion, helping anxiety and nervousness and also helping to lower blood pressure. Because when our fight or flight keeps happening, as it often does in the society. That's when our blood pressure tends to go up along with stress and anxiety. So, the first point that we're going to do, is just in the center of the eyebrow. And we're going to gently stimulate it, not by pressure but by gentle tapping. So, we're just going to tap it gently, here, about 12 to 15 times. This is great, when you can do any time you're starting to feel a little bit stressed or anxious. And it'll help to immediately bring you to center and calm. So, that's the first point. The second point is located right at the top of the spine, at the base of your skull, at the Medulla. So, I'm going to go ahead and turn, so you can see. And you're just going to use one finger and find that spot. Again, there might be a little bit of tenderness, as with a lot of acupressure points. And once you find it, we're going to give gentle stimulation for about 15 seconds, and then, release. The point we're going to do, is right at the heart. So, right at your sternum actually, you can just tap right on the sternum. And while doing this, we're going to do a gentle humming sound. The humming is actually bringing in a Yoga technique but it helps to calm and balance the heart, as well as your sympathetic nervous system. So, using both acupressure and the humming, so. It's like that, and you can continue, I do this about 30 seconds to a minute. Again, you can do them on a regular basis, every few hours, if you're feeling stressed all the time. Or, at least morning and night, to help kind of, reset. The next one I'm going to do, is right at the adrenal gland. So, you're going to use two fists and you're just going to reach behind you and right where you can reach toward the back. You're just going to stimulate by rubbing the fists, so I'll show you. So, you should be on both sides of the spine and you're just going to give a nice rub, up and down, with the knuckles of the fists. And that's it.


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