How to Tighten Sagging Skin

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Sagging skin can be treated conservatively with topical creams, but cosmetic lasers are generally more effective. Learn about various lasers that can be used to tighten skin with help from a dermatologist in this free video on skin care and sagging skin.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish, with Skinpeccable Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, here in Los Angeles, California. I'm here today, to talk to you about how to tighten sagging skin. So, sagging skin is an annoying problem that occurs as we get older, it occurs to pretty much everybody. And there are a number of very good treatments that one can do to tighten that skin. So, the most conservative treatment is going to be creams. They don't work that well, but people like to use them and they work to some degree. This is Nectifirm cream, it's a firming cream for the neck, made by a company called Revision, we recommend it. How much it really tightens though, it is, is, is a question that many of our patients have. And it's always very difficult to say, whether it's going to tighten by ten percent or fifty percent or what. Because it is a very subjective issue, when it comes to skin tightening. Really the main thing that is done throughout the country, for skin tightening is, cosmetic lasers. And there's a lot of very good ones available. The ones that we use here in the office are the Thermage Laser. Really, they can be used anywhere on the body, on any skin type. It's a no down-time procedure, based on radio frequency and it definitely helps to tighten up the skin. We use it on the face, legs, neck, really anywhere and it does a good job. Other lasers that are available to us include, the fractionated lasers. So, Fraxel, ablative, erbium-ablative, CO2 lasers, non-ablative technologies. All work very to tighten up the skin and remove that saggy, jowly appearance that we get as we get older. There are many other lasers also, that do well at tightening. But I just mentioned those three because it really is, those really are the main lasers used throughout the country, for tightening. And then, lastly there are these surgical options. Plastic surgeons do face lifts and neck lifts and many other kinds of lifts, to eliminate sagging skin. And those are good options but they are surgical and they come with the risks of surgery and anesthesia. So, talk to your doctor about what, what will be best for you. I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish and that's a brief overview of how to treat sagging skin.


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