How to Get Rock Hard Abs Fast

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In order to get rock hard abs fast, it's important to combine healthy eating with burst-style aerobic training and full body weight training. Learn how many exercise the abs with help from a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert in this free video on exercises for rock hard abdominal muscles.

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Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert of I'm here today to tell you how to get rock hard abs fast, and the first thing I want to tell you is, don't think that exercise alone is going to do it. If you want to get great abs, you better make sure that you're eating right, that you're doing burst style aerobic training, you're doing full body weight training. That being said, I'm going to show you my favorite exercise to really tighten and tone your abs in a hurry. You should be doing this three days a week. And, if you're doing just this exercise, you can be doing as many as 10 sets of it. 10 to 15 reps at a time, give yourself about a 60 second rest break. I'm going to show you three variations of it: The easier, the medium, and the hard, and guess what? Really, they're all hard. Do the hardest form you can, but make sure you're doing it in good form. This is a soccer sit up. The thing with intense abdominal exercises, is you want to make them as hard on yourself as you possibly can while maintaining good form. So, the first way is the easiest way, and even easy, this is hard, let me tell you. It gets harder when you bring your arms back, because you've got more weight farther away from the axis of rotation. If you want to make it harder still, take your arms farther away. You'll notice here, I'm not swinging my body to do this, I am using my abs. And yes, it's getting harder, so it's definitely intense. I'm JJ Virgin, and that's how you can get rock hard abs fast.


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