Swedish Massage for the Abdominal Muscles

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Giving a Swedish massage for abdominal muscles requires a certain kind of technique. Discover this method with tips from a professional massage therapist in this free video on Swedish massage abdominal muscle techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about Swedish massage for the abdominal muscles. For this, you will need oil, a massage table and workspace. Whenever you're working on the abdominals, you always want to use a little bit of oil first. Of course, you really want your hands to be warmed, you don't want a stone-cold hand on somebody's belly; that's something the most uncomfortable thing to do. I always do a little bit of oil all over the chest when I'm working on somebody just 'cause I'm going to be eventually working up that way. But, when we're talking about just the abdominals, what you want to do is have the, start a little bit with a nice sun and moon stroking which is what we call this when one hand goes all the way around and the other hand only makes the moon stroke. And you always want to go in the direction of the colon because you have the ascending, the transcending and descending colon and so, you always want to move in the direction of that unless the person is having you know, loose stools, then you can go the opposite way. But other than that, you always want to go on the direction that they're intended to go in. So, you could do that. Another thing you can do is just a little bit of back and forth like this where you're lifting up and going through and then, something that we, that we call the wave. We're going to wave back and forth, pull on through. Go through along with the sun and moon again and come up through and underneath the ribs and the diaphragm area. You can kind of come through here too. Be careful 'cause sometimes that can be a little bit tender on people especially if they have a lot of adhesions in the diaphragmatic area here. So, you want to get in there and work that areas, open them up and you can also kind of get in there and go a little bit deeper. And remember, you're working along the pathway of the colon and you start here and kind of work up and back down 'cause you don't want to, you always want to go in the direction that it is and you want to clear the end of it first. So, if anybody is having constipation or you know, stomach troubles or whatever, a good abdominal massage can really help their stomach feel better and their bowels move easier and it just helps with any kind of adhesions and stuff in the belly. And that's how you do Swedish massage for the abdominals.


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