Swedish Massage for the Neck

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Giving a Swedish neck massage requires a great deal of focus and effort. Help relieve stress with tips from a professional massage therapist in this free video on Swedish neck massage.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we're going to talk about Swedish massage for the neck. For this, you will need massage lotion, a massage table and work space. Whenever I'm working on the neck and the facial area, usually what I do is I'll work with some lotion rather than the oil that I use on the rest of the body mainly because people don't like to get a lot of grease in their hair; lotion is a little bit softer and just feels nicer. I usually put a little lavender or something pleasant in it, maybe a little peppermint. So, whenever I'm working on the neck, I go in and do some warming up and do a little stretching through here like this and you want to turn the head. I always, I always support the head with my other hand here and when I turn to work on the neck, get in here work on the scalings. Remember, you want to watch out for the carotid artery in here. You don't want to cut off their blood circulation or anything like that. And work in here and loosen all these up, follow them down into their attachments through, under here. "Is that too tender, are you alright?" Okay. If it's tender, you know how to breathe through it. Not, don't go too deep if it's too much for them. And then the other thing that's good for neck work is you can get it on there, as you see him, it's very tight for a lot of people. You be gentle and go carefully because it can be a very sensitive area on a lot of people. But, it's, you know, attaches in here; they have it up here and close in here to the mastoid. So, you want to, you want to get in there. Some of them, you know, have some headaches and migraines; getting on the SCM and really getting under that sternocleidomastoid muscle and working some adhesions can give a lot of relief for headaches and migraines. So, get in there on the neck, do a little oxytrol cranial base release in here and with this I'm basically, I'm just holding my fingers right here at the edge of the oxipla in the neck. A lot of muscle fiber in there that need to be released, get really tight. And you can stroke through again. You of course want to do the other side, don't do just one side. Stroke through the scalings. I always do a nice little stroke all the way down and up and through 'cause it feels nice. And that's how you do Swedish neck massage.


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