How to Put on High Heels

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Correctly placing your foot in your shoe can really affect the way you walk in your heels. Walk out the door in style with the helpful advice from a global fashion stylist in this free video on how to put on high heels.

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Hi, I'm Kristen Smith-Hilton, Global Fashion Stylist and Beauty Expert, as well as the president and creative director Novella Style Group. One question I receive over and over again, is how do I put on my new high heels? This is actually something that is very simple, but most people do it incorrectly. So, I'm going to tell you how to put them on correctly. It is always important that you start, by sitting down. Bending over to put on your shoe, is not going to get your foot in the correct placement. And throughout your day, you're going to be uncomfortable with blisters and many other mishaps. So, start by sitting down, feet width apart, with the shoes in front of you. Another thing that's very important, is to keep your foot and the inside of the shoe, clean. A really inexpensive way, if you can't go from the shower, directly to your shoes. Is to keep baby wipes handy, where you'll be putting on your shoes. Wipe the bottom of each foot, as well as the inside of the shoe. Therefore, if anything was in there, as far as a stone or rock, anything you may have picked up on your travels, it'll be removed. And also, will keep the shoes a long, healthy life. So, if you take your right foot, wipe the bottom of it, point your toes, as if you were a Prima Ballerina, and insert into the shoe. Once you've got your foot in the shoe, begin to kind of, wiggle your toes about, start to get comfortable. Adjust the heel, moving it up and down, as if you would point your toe, while you're in there. Then, you're ready for your second one. Point your toe, insert, do the exact same thing. Once you're comfortable, now you can bend over. If there are any straps, ties or buckles, now is the time to fasten them. Alright, we're ready to stand up. Using all of your muscles, your calves should be taut. Everything from the back of your thighs, to your stomach and all the way up, you're ready to stand up. Using your entire body, stand up, feet width apart. Now, you're going to start to move, side to side, getting a little bit comfortable in the shoe, you're ready to take off. Now, remember, it's exactly the way it should be, heel, toe, heel, toe. One foot in front of the other, so you'll be walking out the door, in style. I'm Kristen Smith-Hilton, with how to put on high heels.


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