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To apply lipstick, you'll want to use a lip liner pencil, a lipstick brush and a gloss. Make your lips look beautiful with lipstick tips from a professional makeup artist in this free video on makeup techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jacque Hansen, here at Lunatic Fringe, and I am going to share with you some tips on how to apply lipstick. So, we are going to use a lip liner pencil, a lipstick brush and a gloss. You are going to want to start with your lipstick pencil. So, we are using a neutral to cool shade on her with her skin tone, and just lining the outer corners of her lips. If you are using a pencil prior to your lipstick or lip gloss application, it's going to ensure that the lipstick stays on a lot longer. And it will also help kind of give a guideline as far as where you should apply your lipstick. Never choose a lip liner that is going to be way too much darker than the shade that you are going to be putting on the lips, because it'll just look really unnatural and won't blend nicely. So, we are using a gloss that is very similar to our lip liner color. Some people like to use the applicator just out of the lip gloss, but for a more precise application you can use a brush. Never go outside of the corners of the lip liner cause that can cause bleeding. And you can also, once your lip gloss is applied all throughout your lips, you can also give it a little bit of a blot, just kind of smack your lips together just to kind of blend everything. Also, another little tip is if you are going to be drinking out of a glass of water and you don't want to leave any prints on the glass, you can just slightly get your lips a little bit wet by licking them. That way, there's no print left on the glass. Again, I'm Jacque Hansen, and I just shared with you some tips on how to apply lipstick.


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