How to Use Math in Everyday Life

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Math in everyday life is all around you, especially when dealing with financial situations. Discover how to use math in everyday life with tips from a collegiate math teacher in this free video on math basics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang. I'm a Math Expert from St. Petersburg, Florida and we're here to talk about how to use Math in everyday life. Now, we're going to talk about some examples in which it is use in everyday life and it's more around you than you might think. But, and to get there, you typically use a pencil, paper and a calculator if you need it to kind of see where the Math is use in everyday life. So, here we go with the few strategies. Now, one way and it's arguably the most popular way that Math is use is everyday life is in Financial Mathematics. It's really all around you, not just with investments, if you have a portfolio, but also if you were to balance a checkbook, do your taxes; there's a lot of numbers involve, a lot of decimals there and so, Financial Math is in, it's a huge part of our everyday lives and it's arguably some that we use daily. Another are which Math is use in everyday life is in the area of cooking. If you, if you cook a lot, chances are that you'll see a lot of recipes that require whole numbers, but also a lot of fractions, whether it'd be a quart of a cup here, a half of cup, a half of tablespoon, teaspoon, etcetera; but, there's a lot of fractions, some whole numbers and decimals and to create that perfect recipe in cooking. Statistics. Statistics is use in everyday life as well. If you take part of a survey, write a, write a census form out or if you were to conduct a series of experiments; whether it'd be conducting studies just to engage folks and behavior, etcetera, Statistics is use in everyday life. Also, news report when they talk about political poles, what people feel about things, Statistics is a part of our everyday life and Statistics is a branch of Mathematics. There are some other areas that I didn't mention here, like Nursing where measurements involved, but the more you take into each area, the more you'll discover that Math is use often than you might think. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and that is how Math is used in everyday life.


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