How to Find the Percent of a Number

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To find the percent of a number, once you grasp the concept of "100," you eventually won't even need a calculator. Practice finding the percent of numbers with guidance from a collegiate math teacher in this free video on math basics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, I'm a math expert from St. Petersburg, Florida, and we're here to talk about how to find the percent of a number. Now, we'll do a few examples, so all you will need here are, a pen or pencil, piece of paper and a calculator, should you need it. So, here we go. We're going to use it from a fractional approach, and it's pretty straightforward approach. Now for example, we're going to talk about, find 10 percent of, let's just say, 30. Now, it's a very straightforward process, now, take the 10 percent. To find out the actual value of 10 percent of 30. You take the 10 percent, and you turn it into a fraction. Now, 10 percent as you know, the highest percent you can have, is a 100. So, you take 10, over a 100. So, you will take any percent that they give you, then divide it over a 100. And then, you will multiply by the number that's given, of 30, the number after the of, is 30. So, you would do 10 over 100, times 30. Now, what you can do, if you like, you can reduce the fraction that you have here. 10 over a 100, as you would know, is one over ten, and then you can multiply by 30. If you want, you can think of 30 as fraction, also. 30 over 0ne and one approach to solve this will be, multiplying across. One times 30 is 30 and ten times one is going to be ten, and you have 30 over 10. But as you also know, 30 over 10, reduces to three. So that means, 10 percent of 30 is going to equal to three. Sound simple? Well, let's do another example, suppose you want to find 25 percent of, let's just say, 80. Now, do the exact same thing, what we did above. Take the 25 percent, convert it, take the 25, divide by 100. Always take the percent number and divide over a 100. And then, multiply by the number they give you here, which is 80. And if you like, think of 80 as 80 over 1. And again, it's a good idea to reduce fractions, that way you don't have to work as many large numbers down the road. Now, 25 over 100, yes, it is reducible by 25. So, 25 over 100 is one over four and then, times 80 over one. And again, if you like, you can multiply across, one times 80 is 80 and four times one is going to be four. And as you know, 80 divided by four is going to be 20. So, what that means here is, 25 percent of 80 is going to give you a grand total of 20. So, you can do any percentage problems this way, if you want to find out the percent of a number. And so, the strategy is pretty straightforward. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's how to find the percent of a number.


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