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Basic bowling techniques are something you should practice as much as possible in order to always rely on them if things start to go amok. Master the basic bowling techniques with guidance from a professional bowler in this free video on bowling.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Mike Rhodes, house pro here in Wilmington, North Carolina. Today we're going to give you a few tips on your bowling technique. For this clip you will need, a bowling ball, bowling shoes, bowling lanes. Anytime you're starting out bowling, and even after you've done it for years, even on various levels, all the way up to pro, things can go amok sometimes. And what you really need to do is go back to your basics, with your arm swing. And this is true on any level. You want to make sure that your arm swing is free and that you're not muscling the ball or having any obstruction in the way. Bowling is a game of repetition. As long as you keep that in the back of your mind, as you're trying to set up your shot, each and every time, you're going to improve. That started earlier in another session with the feel of the ball. Then we talked about the push away. As you're taking your steps, some people take a four step approach, some people take a five step. Once again, that's something you'll work out as you bowl. You learn to get better. But it's imperative regardless of how..whether you throw a big hook or a small hook, that that arm swing is nice and loose. You don't want to muscle the ball as you as you're going to the line. You want the gravity of the ball to just walk with it. And when you get to the line, just let it release with no muscle. Because anytime you start muscling your swing, you're going to get your feet fast, you're going to get out of timing. The biggest key with that is your very first step. Be sure you take a nice easy first step. If you start off running with your first step, odds are the rest of your approach, you're going to be running to catch up. And that's a few little tips on the technique of how to throw a proper ball.


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