How to Care for a Bowling Ball

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Keeping up good care of a bowling ball is a great way to make sure the ball will always get the proper spin and roll. Improve your game with tips from a professional bowler in this free video on how to care for a bowling ball.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mike Rhodes. I'm house pro here at Ten Pin Alley in Wilmington, North Carolina; we're going to talk about how to take care of your bowling ball, a little bit today. For this, you will need a bowling ball, ball bag, cleaner, a rag. With the price of todays bowling balls, it's imperative to get as much life and action as you can, out of them. Well, we spoke little about how to clean your bowling ball. And that is a big imperative, what I'm going to speak of next is probably even bigger, is where you store your bowling balls. Most people, when they're not bowling, they keep them in the trunk of their car. And there's a real danger with that, because these bowling balls are very sensitive to heat and to cold. I have seen literally, with my own eyes, on a very cold morning. I tried getting a bowling ball and it slit right down the middle, as it went down the lane. When you're not using your bowling balls, you need to keep them at your house, preferably in your garage or somewhere the climate is not real extreme. I'm sure you've gone out, you've gone on a hot summer's day with a bowling ball being back. And you will see that there's actually oil oozing out the pores of the bowling ball. So, you need to keep it in a very, somewhere where the climate is temperate. And if you're not going to bowl like, through the summer league, say, you're taking the summer off. You need to go out and rotate ball, where it's sitting in your bowling bag, at least once a week. Because if it sits in one spot too long, it gets, it will crack, and you'll, you'll be out of a bowling ball. Okay, and as you're storing the bowling balls, it would not hurt to go in there once in a while. Because like I said, if there is any heat whatsoever, the oil does tend to come to the surface of these bowling balls. So, just take some of your cleaner and spray it on there, and clean the oil off the ball, and be sure as to rotate it. As long as you're keeping them clean and you're keeping the ball rotated, it should last a very nice time. And that's how to keep your bowling ball.


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