How to Clean an Electric Water Kettle

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To clean an electric water kettle, use lemons or limes and boil them with water in the kettle. Keep your water kettle clean with help from a chef in this free video on cookware.

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Video Transcript

Welcome everyone. My name is Thanitra Pichedvanichok, otherwise know to my students as Chef T. I'm a personal chef, caterer and culinary instructor at Tspoons, my boutique cooking school at Ladera Ranch, California. In this clip, we're going to show you how to clean an electric tea kettle. Now, because we can't submerge our electric tea kettle in water, or put it in the dishwasher, we want to use a basic solution of lemons or limes, which is what we have here today and some water from our sink. So, we're going to go ahead and chop up our lime. You can also use lemons as well; it works just fine. And I'm going to go ahead and just quarter them. It doesn't matter if it's big or small. We just want it chopped up and basically just quartering it. And then we're going to be filling up half way with water. Now, again, you can also use lemon. There we go. Now, I'm going to go ahead and fill this up with some water. You want to use cold water, not hot water, okay. So, just about halfway. Then we're going to put it back on to our base, and fill it up with our lemons now, actually our limes. Let's go ahead and add our limes in there. So, again this is three whole limes and again, you can use lemons as well. We'll go ahead and turn it on, and let it come to a boil and after it comes to a boil, we're also going to let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes. So, we'll go ahead and remove it now, from the base, and rinse out the water. Also, go ahead and dump out your limes or lemons, in the sink as well, because this makes a great disposal refreshener. And go ahead and add a little bit more water, just about a quarter of the way up, close it up, give it a good swirl to give it one final rinse. Take out all the water, and now you've cleaned your tea kettle. So, with a simple solution limes or lemons, and some water, your tea kettle is as good as new.


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