What Do Dolphins Look Like?

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Dolphins, fur-less mammals often distinguished by their flippers and flukes, can range from 2 meters in size to much bigger. Learn more about the appearance of dolphins from a marine biologist in this free video on dolphins.

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Video Transcript

My name is Maddalena Bearzi. I'm president of Ocean Conservation Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of marine mammals in our ocean. Today, we will talk about how dolphins look like. Dolphins are animals that are perfectly adapted to the marine environment. For instance, they don't have a fur, how the terrestrial mammal have, and they develop a thick layer of blubber. And they have a flipper and flukes, that help them to move well in the marine environment. Dolphins can vary greatly in size. We have small dolphins that can be about two meters long, and we have dolphins that are a lot bigger and weigh a lot more, and can be a size, almost, of a bus. Today, we will talk about how dolphins look like.


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