How to Clear Clogged Arteries By Exercising

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Strength training and cardio get the blood moving through your arteries, keeping them from getting clogged. Strengthen your heart and get the blood flowing with the useful tips provided by a physical trainer in this free video on how to clear clogged arteries by exercising.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. How to clear clogged arteries by exercising. The things you will need for this are: some dumbbells, step and some space. And you can do it. It's called atherosclerosis and what plaque is, it's caused by cholesterol. And it's just going to fill up all your arteries and clog them up and you really want to start to exercise to kind of get the blood moving, kind of help to unclear those arteries. And this is what..a few things you can do. Got to do the strength training as well as the cardio and lets do some right now. So I am going to do strength training. So I am going to have my hand weights. You don't even need a step but I got one so I am just going to use it. And I'm just going to stay on your knees or you can send one foot back and then the other. So my feet are about hip distance apart. So it looks like a push up doesn't it. All I am going to do is pull one arm up and then the other. So these are fantastic. I am working the abdominal muscles. Feel it in the shoulder. Working the back, that's good stuff. So that's just a great thing to do. You can always do another one to really cause I want your heart rate up. You can pull one knee up then the other. These are called mountain climbers. People call them other things. That's a great way.. that works shoulders. That gets the cardio going, pretty fantastic stuff. Another one I am going to start on my knees, cross my arms, going to lean back and come back up. Go low back, that is thigh, gets the heart rate going. It is recruiting all the muscle fibers in the legs and the abdominal muscles. Call this the Matrix. Pretty good stuff. Two more. And one more. And then repeat it. But what you want to do is keep your head above your heart when you are doing most of these exercises and just kind of go all the way through again. And mix it up. You got to get the cardio because you want the heart really start to pump, really kind of watch what you eat as well cause the cholesterol is the culprit of atherosclerosis. It's just really clogging up everything. Watch what you eat, exercise, get your cardio in like thirty minutes a day. Strength training that's going to help you unclog those arteries.


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