Basic Facial Exercises

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Sometimes referred to as "facial yoga," exercising your facial muscles keeps the skin around your eyes and mouth tighter and your lips fuller. Learn the basics of facial yoga with the useful tips provided by a physical trainer in this free video on basic facial exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Tanya Batts, I am a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. I want to show you just a few facial exercises. The things you will need for this are: a mat and some space. So, we are all looking to keep our face youthful without going under underneath the the knife, but you know the muscles have tons the face has tons of muscles on it. So, basically I am just going to show you a few things that could actually make your lips fuller. The first one is called the Marilyn. So, I just want you to take your hand, kiss your the tips of your fingers, and blow. Try that 12 times. Like you are blowing kisses. So, I am really pressing against my lips with my fingers. And a little bit of resistance. It is really going to help the lips and it gives them a great work out it is kind of neat. The next one, we like to call it it is kind of like the Mouthwash. You want to think about putting mouthwash in your mouth and swishing it from side to side. So, I am working the muscles. And then blow out. You want to do that like ten times. This is why the trombone players and all the trumpet players it really works their muscles they have still got that tight skin. So, you just want to fill one cheek up then the other. Kind of weird, you might want to try these exercises in the mirror so it is really strange, so that is another one. Another one, just form your mouth the letter o, and exhale out the mouth. And that is working all muscles right around the lips. Want to try that one ten times. So, we have the Marilyn, we have got the Trombone or the Mouthwash, and then exhale out the mouth, and then we have got the O form the letter o with your mouth, and exhale. So, this is really going to tighten up all the muscles, just kind of get some work in it is kind of interesting, facial yoga is like a big deal lately and that is I have heard a little bit about that. But, those are just a few exercises you can do to kind of work on the muscles around the lips, it might give you your lips a little more pucker. So, enjoy those exercises.


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