Diet for Gastric Bypass

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A progressive gastric bypass diet usually consists of working your way up from a liquid diet to soft foods. Understand the elements of this transition with the useful tips provided by a licensed dietitian in this free video on diet for gastric bypass.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a Registered Licensed Dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. And today, I'm going to cover a little of the type of diet you would be following if you've had some sort of gastric bypass or lap band type of surgery. There's a few things you have to be aware of. Definitely check with your physician and dietitian that would be working with you at the hospital first before following any sort of guidelines. As a general tip, before your operation, make sure eating a well-balanced, healthy diet and in turn, try to lose a little bit of weight before your surgery. Once you've had the surgery, be aware you're going to be going a progressive diet. Progressive meaning, initially the first few days, only clear type of liquids. A clear liquid is something you can see through; this is water and juice, very very minimal. Next, you progress to a full liquid diet. This is something that you can't quite see through and a little bit thicker in consistency. Consider milk or even just nutritional supplements. This will actually provide you with a fair amount of calories. So, be aware that begin sometimes over eat your calories through a liquid. From then on, you'd be moving to soft foods. And again, keep in mind after your surgery, the size of your stomach is significantly smaller and only can hold a few ten milligrams or so. Actually, 30 to 60, I believe. But again, start slow. You can often have diarrhea or vomiting if you try to eat too fast or too much and often experiencing these symptoms if you drink fluids after your meals as well. So, be very careful and start slow. You're probably going to be taking a multivitamin and mineral as well. Because the digestive tract has been altered through that surgery, you're not going to be absorbing as much food or nut, or nutrients from the food as you would have normally. So again, follow your physician's recommendations on what type of supplements you should be taking. Again, start slow, eat small portions and watch that progression happen. For more information on gastric bypass surgery diet, check out I'm Charlotte and eat happy.


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