How to Make a Phone Call Go Straight to Voicemail

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Making phone calls go straight to voicemail can be done by having all your calls go to voicemail or rejecting a call. Find out how to make your calls go straight to voicemail with help from a cell phone customer service representative in this free video on cell phones.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Jordan Carlman, today we're going to talk about having a phone call go straight to voice mail. Now, you can do this one of two ways. Either you can do all phone calls going straight to voice mail, or on a case by case basis, with an incoming phone call, you can reject it and have it go to voice mail. For the second one, we're going to use a standard phone, which is going to be the Motorola RAZR. Now, I'll tell you, you should check with your manufacturer or users guide to see if these options apply to you. If a phone call were to come in on your cell phone, you would simply just have to locate the volume key, which is on the side of your phone. With almost any cell phone nowadays, the volume key will look something like this and be on the side of the phone. Simply press up or down on the volume, while your phone is still ringing, and it should reject the phone call to go straight to voice mail. Or the person will hear the phone call ring until it goes to voice mail, but you won't have to hear it ring on your end. That's how to do it on a case-by-case basis. If you will not be available at your phone for a certain amount of time and you want all phone calls to go straight to voice mail, you need to contact your cell phone carrier and ask them for what's called unconditional call forwarding. This will unconditionally, without a condition of the cell phone ringing, for any amount of time, have the phone call go straight to voice mail and can generally be turned off through the carrier as well. There is a third case where you might want a phone call to go straight to voice mail. This case may be where you are calling somebody and rather than have i ring through to them, and have them answer the phone, you might just want to leave them a voice message. You're going to need to check with your carrier. But there's what's called a back door number. In the case of T-Mobile, that number is 1-805-message. If you dial this number you will get an automated system, much like the voice mail system that will prompt you to give the cell phone number you are contacting. You simply dial that number in, and then it will have you deposit the voice mail there. That would be a way to have your phone call go straight to voice mail for the person you're trying to contact.


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