How to Remove Backgrounds From Photos

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To remove backgrounds from photos, you will need to use the pen tool in Photoshop. Edit the background out of photos with help from an IT consultant in this free video on computers and the internet.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant and professional photographer. My website is This is a short video on how to remove backgrounds from pictures. Things you'll need for this are, a computer running Photoshop, adobe Photoshop and a picture. There are many different ways to remove backgrounds from pictures. And it varies massively on what the background is. If it's one solid color on the background, then things can be quite easy. If it's a very complicated background, like a tree however, things can be a lot more difficult. There really is only one fantastically definite way to cut things out from a background, reliably. And that is using pen tool. The first step is to zoom in, in Photoshop, really close, so you get maybe two hundred, three hundred percent view of the outline of the object that you're wishing to remove. Then using the pen tool, systematically draw around the object until you've been completely around the outside. Now, this can take some time. I mean, I take ten, fifteen minutes often to cut things out of backgrounds that I really want to do professionally. But once you've done this, you'll have the object available to move around and place in your images as you wish. So, once you've drawn around the object, and created the selection, you'll want to create a new layer. And layers are a fantastic tool in Photoshop. So, when you've the objects, make sure you do layer, new layer via copy and you'll have that object on a layer above the previous layer. My name's Chris Noble. Thanks for watching this video.


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