What Is a Dividend in Mathematics?

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The dividend in math is the first number in a division equation. Find the dividend in mathematics with help from math teacher in this free video on mathematics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang. I'm a math expert in St. Petersburg, Florida. And we are here to talk about what is a dividend in mathematics. Now a dividend is a very important part of the division process so we are just going to go right into it so you'll see what a dividend is all about. Now all you need for finding a dividend in mathematics is a pen, sheet of paper and a calculator if you needed. But in this particular case a dividend is fairly easy to find. For example in division suppose you wanted to find out what 30 divided by 6 is going to be. Now the dividend is always going to be the first number mentioned to the left of the division symbol if it was written in this way. Now as you already know 30 divided by 6 is going to be 5. Now if division was expressed in another way for example 14 divided by 7 in fraction form, the numerator is known as the dividend and as you know 14 divided by 7 is going to be 2. And another way in which you can find the dividend in division format is if you were writing division in this particular form. Suppose you wanted to find out lets just say 50 divided by 2. Now the number that's inside the division house as some might like to say, is the dividend. Now just as a point of information the number that's outside, the numerator and the number that is mentioned second, all 3 of these are examples of what's known as the divisor. So you have a dividend and a divisor. And 2 goes into 50 is going to be 25 times. So I'm Jimmy Chang, and that is what is dividend in mathematics.


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