How to Sleep With a Herniated Disc

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To sleep with a herniated disc, you should sleep on the floor with a little bit of padding. Give your spine a lot of support while you're sleeping with help from a chiropractor in this free video on spinal disc herniation and sciatica.

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Hi, I'm Doctor Ray Wisniewski, America's health care answer man. We're here to talk about how to sleep with a herniated disc. And one of the big keys to this is if you do have a herniated disc, you need to have a lot of support. In fact, if it's an acute case of a herniated disc, you'd be best off to sleep on the floor with a, just put a comforter down on the floor. Give yourself a little bit of padding. Lay it on your back, with pillows underneath your knees, so that your spine is well supported and there's no pressure on that disc. Now, another way that you can lay would be on your side with your knees pulled up and a pillow between your knees. Now, it's interesting that if you have a, particularly if you have an acute herniated disc, you can sleep with the brace on. Not only can you sleep with the brace on, it would be recommended on the initial stages, to allow this to heal properly. Also, if you're on your side, you want to put pillows behind your back to prevent you from twisting. Twisting is the worst enemy here. So, when you're sleeping, if you toss and you turn, you need to find a way that you are not going to twist. And if you do twist, you're going to have to wear that brace. But the best thing is to support yourself, make sure you do not twist. If you're on your side, it has to be completely on your side, so you're not, where the hips are one direction and you're twisted over in the other direction. That would not be advisable. Also, when you wake up in the morning, again, everything must move in one motion. You do not want to twist. So, if you're on your back, to get to your side, to get up, you're going to twist, you're going to bring your whole body in one motion, moving the lower spine and the upper spine, the shoulders, at the exact same time. Then pull your knees toward your chest, then you're going to come straight up. And as long as you're coming straight up sideways, you're going to be okay. You do not want to twist to get up. Once you're up, you're going to establish yourself, wait a while, because the disc is the most hydrated after sleeping. So, you can have the most pressure as soon as you wake up. So, you're going to do this slowly, allow that to set, and then you're going to stand up. And that's the proper way to sleep with a herniated disc.


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