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Because a convection oven circulates heat more consistently, it requires baking at a lower temperature and for shorter lengths of time. Bake in a convection oven with help from a professional chef in this free video on cooking techniques.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Karam with Dishes by Michelle in Los Angeles, California. I'm here to talk to you today about how to cook with a convection oven. First of all, what is a convection oven? Well, a convection oven is a fan that is inside of your oven that generates the heat that allows it to flow at a more even pace, flowing through your oven so that you avoid those hot spots and those cold spots. It creates one continuous flow of hot air that is going through the cavity of your oven. So, now that we know what a convection oven is, let's talk about what some of the benefits are of using a convection oven versus a conventional oven. Well, the first thing would be is that it will generally cook your foods about 25 percent faster than you normally would with a conventional oven and the reason being is that fan that's in there that's generating the heat, that's circulating it to make it more extra added heat in there. Another benefit of using a convection oven is you can cook about 25 degrees lower than you normally would like I said because of that added heat in there and that also will save you on some energy when you are cooking to make it more efficient. So, another benefit of cooking with a convection oven is when you are making those turkeys and those roasts that you have for the holidays especially, the heat that's in there is so hot that it will seer all of the juices inside of your roast or your turkey and there's actually a chemical reaction that goes on with the fats that it releases the steam and creates this beautiful golden crisp outside because of that high high heat that's circulating through the cavity of the oven. Another additional benefit of cooking with a convection oven is when you are baking especially with baking and pastry, cookies, they turn out more crisp because the sugars are released that much faster and that heats gets it in and locks it in to keep those crisp cookies on the outside but moist on the inside especially like a chocolate chip cookie. That would be so yummy. And finally the last benefit of convection cooking is when you're cooking vegetables. Those sugars are released again and it creates those beautiful crisp potatoes with the moist inside. There are so many benefits about cooking with a convection oven versus the conventional oven that it makes sense these days to go ahead, if you are thinking about putting one in your kitchen, get the one with the convection oven because you'll not only be saving energy, you'll have better even cooking and your food will generally taste better. I'm Michelle Karam with Dishes by Michelle, and this was how to cook with a convection oven.


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