Removing Male Body Hair

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Laser hair removal treatment is the most common and effective way to have male body hair removed. Remove your body hair with advice from a practicing dermatologist in this free video on hair treatments.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish with Skinpeccable Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, here in Los Angeles, California, and I'm going to be talking about removing male body hair. So, some men hate having body hair, and the main area that men complain about having body hair is the upper back and shoulder area. Some men love their body hair, but some men really want all their hair gone, or all their body hair gone, and that's a possibility using the different modalities that we have available to us. Here in our office, we do laser hair removal. It's a safe, effective long term solution for hair removal. It's generally done every month or every four to six weeks for around five to seven treatments. After that treatment course is done, the patient is looking at around 80 to 85 percent improvement, that means 80 to 85 percent less, and of the hairs that remain, they will be thinner in caliber, they grow slower and they will, you know, aren't as bothersome. The issue with laser hair removal is how many times does it really take. Generally, we estimate around seven treatments gives 80 percent clearance. An extra few treatments will push clearance more towards around 95 percent. Other options that are available for removing body hair are going to be waxing, plucking, electrolysis, Nair and other depilatory creams, threading, those are all relatively temporary and so when patients come here with issues of unwanted body hair we generally encourage them for the safe effective solution of laser hair removal. I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish, and that's a brief overview on how to remove male body hair.


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