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Back hair removal is most commonly done by using laser hair removal treatments. Determine the best way to have your unwanted back hair removed with guidance from a practicing dermatologist in this free video on hair treatments.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish with Skinpeccable Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, here in Los Angeles, California. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to do back laser hair removal. The laser hair removal of the back area is perhaps the most commonly performed laser hair removal treatment for men in the United States. For today's treatment, we're going to be using the Signature Apache Elite Laser. It is a two-in-one laser. It has two different wavelengths. The Zimmer Cooler is used to blow cold air throughout the treatment process. So, this is a razor. This is a numbing cream. Today, we are using Lidocaine, 6 percent, a pain pill. Today, we are using Vicodin. This is a white liner pencil. We have two goggles here and I will be wearing gloves throughout the treatment so we have got gloves here. The first part of this treatment is that we use a razor to shave the area. Our patient shaved at home and he is ready to go. After shaving the area we use a numbing cream. Today, we are going to be using Lidocaine, 6 percent. We use a tongue depressor to take that numbing cream off and put it on the skin. After that we give our patient a pill of Vicodin. You can use other types of pain pills. Our preference is Vicodin so generally men tend to be more pain sensitive than women so we'll give them a Vicodin just to make sure that they are calm and pain free throughout our treatment. After our patient is numb then has the Vicodin in his system, we'll go ahead and draw some lines on his back using a white liner pencil. We choose white for the pencil color because the laser is attracted to pigment and it hones in on the pigment of the hair and goes down into the follicle and destroys it by a photothermal process. It is not attracted to white or to blond hairs and won't be attracted to my white liner pencil either. So, this way we have a map of where we need to treat, and we will start with this area and head up this way, and that way we make sure that we don't treat the same area twice. This pencil can get dull sometimes so it's nice to have a pencil sharpener available to sharpen the pencil. So, now that we are mapped and numbed and ready to go I will put on my protective eyewear. This is very important to put on, and I will give our patient also protective eyewear. The laser is here and once everybody has their protective eyewear on, we turn on the laser and turn on the cooler, it is blowing some cold air and we go ahead and shoot. We can shoot horizontal lines or vertical lines with around a 10 percent overlap to make sure we don't miss anywhere. As we treat the area, you'll notice that the skin gets a little pink and as we progress to the next square and the following squares you'll see that the full effect of the laser treatment will be seen. You'll see some perifollicular edema, which is a little swelling around the hair shafts, and this treatment should take around 45 minutes or so. I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish, and that's a brief overview of how to do laser hair removal of the back.


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